Customer: BARKLI
Country: RUSSIA
Type: Development


Interactive three-dimensional model of a multifunctional de luxe complex BARKLI PLAZA shows exterior and interior of the building and allows you to estimate a realistic environment of the complex. Built-in tools accurately demonstrate the logistics of building to the future tenants, leaseholders and service representatives. The model is an effective tool to sell flats, as well as a demonstration of retail and office space to future tenants.


Create an effective modern sales tool showing the interiors of the apartments to the prospective buyers with the ability to see the view from the windows of the complex located in one of the most prestigious districts of Moscow city center.


Create an effective leasing tool for non-residential premises demonstrating to future tenants of the complex the logistics (the location of residential, office and retail space, elevator shafts, entrances / exits on each floor of the complex, access to the roof, exits to the parking lot, the location of technical facilities, services).


Implement the remote sales via the Internet.

The unique multifunctional complex «BARKLI PLAZA» is located 1.5 km from the Kremlin on Prechistenskaya embankment, close to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Ostozhenka, Crimean bridge. It hosts 40 apartments Class Deluxe, a business center and trade center with a restaurant and boutiques.


Interactive 3D model with individual graphical interface, a replica of the complex with the floor-by-floor cut.

BARKLI PLAZA is a new multifunctional de luxe complex consisting of five single-section residential units with variable number of floors — 5, 6 and 7 floors. Total area is 23 920 m2. VIZERRA team precisely recreated all the features of the complex, providing an opportunity to see the floor-by-floor cut of the buildings.

  • Non-residential premises
    BARKLI PLAZA interactive model covers the whole complex, showing not only exterior but also the internal logistics of the complex, including the location of elevator shafts, corridors and stairs. Not only potential buyers of apartments will be able to see the future premises, but also the potential tenants of the office and retail premises located on the lower floors of the complex.
  • Detailed premises
    The potential buyer of the BARKLI PLAZA apartments not only has an opportunity to see the plan of each apartment on each floor, but also to get acquainted with the logistics of the buildings, the location, to walk around and inspect the apartments. It only requires a computer with the installed VIZERRA interactive model.
  • Elaborated views from the windows of apartments and penthouses
    One of the main features of the VIZERRA model is that it allows us to see not only the object itself, but also how it fits into the environment. Due to the detailed visualization of the objects located next to the complex a potential client can not only walk on their own in the chosen apartment, but can also evaluate the opening view, which is important when buying de luxe property.

An effective sales tool, including the early stages of construction.

VIZERRA technology allows you to create not just beautiful 3D images, but real, effective sales tools.


There are info slides within the BARKLI PLAZA interactive model containing the data for each apartment, as well as a special feature — Ruler — which measures the distances inside the apartment.