Timeline: MAY 2009
Country: RUSSIA
Type: Development


The main objective of the project was to demonstrate the three-dimensional model of the helicopter. The helicopter was exactly recreated from Vladimir Pirozhkov’ sketches (he is one of the most famous industrial designers in Russia). It was necessary to create a presentation tool which could provide an exceptional public interest in the new design of the helicopter. That is why ASTRAROSSA decided to order a VIZERRA interactive 3D model.


The main interesting features of the model are the user-controlled helicopter and spectacular automatic passes (to create them we took the techniques used in the motion picture industry). For the flight we used ruins of Machu Picchu, located in one of the most beautiful mountain regions of Peru. Realistic sound and dynamic camera work made the helicopter flight over the ruins of Machu Picchu exceptionally entertaining.


Interactive 3D simulation of the helicopter created by the VIZERRA team was used as a spectacular demonstration tool to show the appearance and features of the future helicopter to the decision makers.


  • Create a demo simulator showing the exterior and interior of the new helicopter model.
  • Create a tool to receive investment and to attract additional attention to the product.

The project was created by helicopter passenger sketches Pirozhkova Vladimir, one of the most famous industrial designers of Russia in the past actively involved on the creation of the design concept cars, and most of the existing cars on the market brands such as Citroen and Toyota.


Interactive 3D model demonstrating the future helicopter.
The VIZERRA team created an accurate helicopter model from sketches provided by the ASTRAROSSA Company. The helicopter model was placed in the existing model of Machu Picchu. We added a helipad inside the virtual model of the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu. The interactive model has become a unique and impressive tool to demonstrate the future helicopter.

  • Three different views: from the cockpit, from the passenger seat and in the orbital camera mode
    The model provides several view modes. Users can see the model of the helicopter not only from the outside, but can even have a pilot or passenger experience.
  • Manual control of the helicopter and the autopilot
    Feel like a pilot of a future helicopter; see the dashboard and all kinds of e-filling; visit the cabin. Here you can try out your flying skills using the manual controls or enjoy a spectacular automatic flight.

Spectacular automatic passes.
Programming of the automatic helicopter passes and cameras were made according to the motion picture techniques. Realistic sound and cinematic made a helicopter flight over the ruins of Machu Picchu exceptionally entertaining.