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Timeline: MARCH - JUNE 2011
Country: RUSSIA
Type: Development


Interactive 3D model of the Digital October innovation center. Highly detailed interiors allow users to have the feel of the innovation center. Precise 3D model embodied the smallest design details and features. A user is able to view the premises in section, as well as to move freely around the entire space of the 3D model in a first-person mode. The model is ideal for presentations showing the center features and advantages to potential clients — the events’ organizers and the future tenants.


Create the interactive 3D model of the center, displaying all the interior details with the utmost precision. The effective presentation tool is intended to help potential customers learn about all the features and advantages of the center, which will positively affect their decisions.

Digital October Center is a place for globally-minded technology entrepreneurship community. The Center is built around two core themes: new technologies and technology entrepreneurship. Key international professional conferences and presentations of new technology products take place in the Center. Conference hall accommodates 450 people, five classrooms seating 30-100 people each.


Interactive 3D model of the Digital October Innovation Centre embodied the smallest design details and features with the utmost precision, showing the premises existing at the time of the model.


To present the facilities to a potential customer, you can just run VIZERRA interactive application, and the client will be able to visit all the rooms of the Center without leaving their office.


All you need is to have access to the Internet and any web browser. VIZERRA 3D model of Digital October is based on Unity technology, enabling you to view complex 3D projects online.


The section view feature lets you see all the rooms on the floor at once, and the orbital view mode lets you focus on a specific area. You can get more information for each zone.


There is a two-dimensional mini-map integrated in the 3D model that lets you quickly determine the user’s location within the model.