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We’d like to present you Fire Rescue, a demo model of the fire station compliant to the basic standards for design of fire protection facilities. The application has two versions: web version which is available for viewing after clicking 3D player tab on this page, and iPad version, which is available at the Apple Store.


Location contains a three-storey building with rooms and realistic interiors. VIZERRA team has created this application using the latest VIZERRA technology, including new technologies for creating highly detailed textures. The main features of this demo model are a dynamic lighting and the ability to turn off the light in the entire location by clicking the light bulb icon in the upper left corner of the window.


The 3D models like Fire Rescue demonstrate a wide range of features. This is a demonstration tool allowing the user to get a detailed study of the premises during remote and online sales. It also suits for selection and placement of furniture and other objects within virtual apartments.


Features and functionality of the Fire Rescue:

  • an interactive tour of the station with doors opening when user’s approaching realistic lighting;
  • the ability to turn the light on and off using the icon in the upper left corner of the window;
  • independent light control full screen view.