Customer: VIZERRA
Country: RUSSIA
Type: Tourism


The one of the most beautiful mosques in the world stands in the center of the city of Grozny.


The subtle silhouettes of minarets and the noble shine of the domes of the largest Islamic temple in Europe and Russia are visible from anywhere in the city. The walls of this world famous mosque are decorated with the rare sort of marble. Decorative elements are made of white marble brought from the island of Marmara Adasi in the Sea of Marmara.


The richness of the interior decoration of the temple is amazing. An amazing combination of vintage chandeliers of Islam's Holy Places collection with Swarowski crystals, murals in the form of elegant Arabic ligature, interior parts gilded with triple nine gold and colorful stained glass makes this piece of modern architectural art next to the recognized world masterpieces.


The architectural complex of the Grozny Central Dome Mosque is surrounded by a huge park with its cozy alleys, bustling with fountains and fabulously beautiful lighting — this is the real Jannah in the very Heart of Chechnya.