Country: RUSSIA
Type: Development


Three-dimensional model of the Hypercube - the first building in the Russian Silicon Valley - was created to showcase the project at the highest level. You can move inside the model: walk to the building and inspect all accommodations, including the rooms with projects presented by Skolkovo residents. On the facade of the building, the so-called "media wall" video clips are shown representing the innovative technologies that will be used during the future Hypercube construction.


Create and demonstrate a long-term comprehensive solution to simplify the visual interaction between architects, urban planners, public authorities and end users

April 25, 2011 VIZERRA CEO Arman Gukasyan presented to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, an interactive three-dimensional model of the main building of the Skolkovo innovation center – the Hypercube. The success of this model led to a continued collaboration with the Skolkovo Fund - a project for the implementation of the Skolkovo innovation city in the form of an interactive 3D model.


Interactive 3D model was created within the specified period and submitted for presentation on April 25 during a joint meeting of the Commission for the Modernization and Technological Development of the Russian economy and the Skolkovo board of trustees.

VIZERRA team has accurately recreated the first draft of the main Skolkovo building - Hypercube – based on drawings by Bernasconi architectural firm. Not only the exteriors has been recreated inside the model, but interiors of the building as well.


Accurately recreated exteriors of the building.

Hypercube is the first building of the future Skolkovo innovation city. The VIZERRA team managed to accurately recreate exterior and convey the spirit of innovation, the main ideas and solutions planned for use in the construction of future buildings. VIZERRA 3D model reflected exterior features including a media facade, comprising a number of panels which are simultaneously the displays with the ability to display different information, both static images and videos.

Inside the Hypercube interactive model, on one of the walls, the user can see the video information.


Detailed interior

The VIZERRA project fully illustrates the internal functions of the building. Hypercube will house offices, an information center, business center, exhibition space and more. Hypercube halls can change their shape depending on the specific activities taking place there - in particular, single-story can be turned into a duplex.


VIZERRA interactive model managed not only to reflect all the details, but to give the user the opportunity to walk around the building which does not exist yet, and to assess its prospects.