Customer: VIZERRA
Country: RUSSIA
Type: Tourism


Kizhi Island is a special, wonderful and unique world where you can feel yourselves as if you were in a Russian fairy tale. Here you can find unique monuments of Old Russian wooden architecture — great churches, beautiful wooden houses, windmills etc.

In 1960, the island of Kizhi has acquired a status of the open air architectural museum. The wooden structures were moved there from the local area.

The Church of Transfiguration built in 1714 is the main attraction of the island. It looks like a stately tower crowned with twenty-two elegant domes. According to a beautiful legend, there was a master who, having finished the construction of the church, threw his axe into the lake with the following words: "There has never been, there isn't and there will never be another church like that one."


Wooden houses, constructed without a single nail, picturesque chapels, slender belfry with its subtle carving, eight-winged windmill. All the buildings here have unusual design and perfect proportions. They are blended carefully in the surrounding landscape.