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The New Jerusalem Resurrection (Voskresenskiy) Monastery was founded in the town of Istra in 1656 by Patriarch Nikon. The Monastery was intended to become a center of the Orthodox world and built to the likeness of real historical Jerusalem. The Istra River in the district of Voskresenskoye village represented river Jordan, the mounts Zion and Fabor and the garden of Gethsemane tower above, while several buildings were erected so that they resembled Palestine structures. Any church of New Jerusalem bears this symbolic meaning.


Shortly after the beginning of construction, Patriarch Nikon fell into disfavor with Tsar Aleksey Michailovich and moved from Moscow to the monastery. Eight years later, he had to leave the place and go into exile. The construction, though, continued even after his death. Architects Yakov Bukhvostov, Bartolomeo Rastrelli, K.A. Ton and others took part in the creation of this ensemble. In the 17th century, the New Jerusalem Monastery possessed a big library with ancient and early Christian manuscripts. At the same time the music and poetry school of sacred songs was established. In the 19th century the monastery became a popular pilgrimage center.


The architectural ensemble of New Jerusalem Monastery includes the Resurrection Cathedral, Patriarch Nikon’s abode, stone wall with towers, Church of the Holy Trinity, and other buildings. Visit Jerusalem located at Moscow Region!