Customer: VIZERRA
Timeline: March-August 2010
Country: RUSSIA
Type: Tourism


The world-renowned ensemble in the style of Russian classicism which is one of the main St. Petersburg attractions was created by the brilliant architect Carlo Rossi. The main square of the Northern capital of Russia takes its name from the Winter Palace. The grandiose building of the former royal residence was built upon the project of Rastrelli.

In 1819, Rossi developed a draft of the unified architectural ensemble praising the victory of Russian arms in the war of 1812. Opposite the Winter Palace the semicircle of the General Staff building is stretched. The facade of this building is the longest in the world.

The Alexander Column dominates the area. It was erected in memory of the victory over Napoleon. This monument is the world highest triumphal column. Colossal granite monolith stands without any attachment, due to its own weight only.