VIZERRA 3D Technology allows to create unique interactive 3D Models nearly of any object or territory. It is achieved through conversion of big volume of multidimensional static data into a photo-realistic digital model with rather small file size.


In the process of being made 3D interactive models use advanced technologies from various IT sectors:

Real-time rendering and detailed 3D representation of objects are based on computer games technologies.


Due to the use of unique algorithms elaborated by VIZERRA specialists CAD-system data, perspective drawings, plans, photographies and topographic data became losslessly transformed into three-dimensional objects


Ergonomic interface and tool set being designed with coursewares in mind make our programmes user-friendly.


Flexible system of communication with additional software or supplementary technologies enhances potential of interactive 3D model.


VIZERRA 3D Technology blends high quality visualisation, physically correct simulation of objects and rich audio.


VIZERRA enables to work with various types of the model image detalization (shadows projection, light refraction, real-life textures, etc.) together with the use of such visual effects as snow, rain, fire, smoke and others.


3D model creates a feeling of being inside as the user sees every object as if it is real; from the smallest detail of the interior to the entire city district.


Moreover the whole digital model can be stored on a USB-stick, sent by e-mail or uploaded to the cloud for better user collaboration. 


VIZERRA 3D models are fully interactive. They enable to explore both territory with objects and infrastructure in a dynamic mode.


It is possible to make virtual interactive journeys moving freely inside the model. Furthermore all objects might be studied from various perspectives: from the ground, from the above, from the inside etc. At the same time users can place different items such as people, furniture, billboards etc. wherever they want, measure distance, simulate diverse processes and use many other functions.


These features provide users with opportunity to schedule events, to estimate crowd flows together with the algorithm of any process.


VIZERRA is a platform independent technology that perfectly works with various hardware.


VIZERRA 3D model can be launched on a personal computer with Windows or MacOS or a mobile device with Android or iOS. This application can be both autonomous and a client-server one enabling a large number of users to work simultaneously in real-time.


The model can also be integrated into a web-site providing an opportunity to be used from any place at any time by any user; or it can be launched as an application for social networks.


Moreover users do not need to acquire new skills in order to use the model.



A distinguishing feature of an interactive 3D Model in comparison to the standard one is the user’s ability to move freely inside it: to fly over or to walk around is at the user’s discretion. It is also possible to examine an object in detail using various modes; users can change the time of the day or the seasons. What is more important is that an additional information may be gathered through interaction with any object inside the model.