VIZERRA 3D Technology is effectively applied to many areas from the simulation of technically complicated devices and the creation of virtual museum tours to the interactive visualisation of the largest city planning projects.


An interactive three-dimensional model facilitates solutions, helps to receive investments and to win tenders. It may also influence design process enabling to avoid expensive inaccuracies. Moreover VIZERRA 3D model can be used for making interactive presentations in front of high ranking officials or general public.

Major customers of these solutions are state-owned and private companies, city planners, owners of large property objects, building and industrial companies, educational institutions, companies organizing exhibitions and sport events.


Having worked closely with companies leading in development/redevelopment of various territories and objects VIZERRA specialists have developed a unique tool-set for 3D models. It enables to solve diverse tasks; from elaborating and creating the concept to selling/renting property premises and bringing into service infrastructural objects.



  • The entire project is on the screen
  • An effective tool to get investments
  • Detection of construction and design errors
  • Project collaboration
  • An efficient tool to increase company's sales
  • A spectacular presentation

VIZERRA 3D Technology may also help to make important decisions on estimation and evaluation of project features, including decisions taken during the investment stage. Spectacular presentations involving VIZERRA 3D models enable people concerned to get a comprehensive idea of the project and to do justice to it from the outset. As a further matter, to save time, money and other valuable resources corrections on project can be made until the actual commencement of works.



VIZERRA interactive 3D models are effectively used to promote various countries, cities and towns. They enable to create an attractive public image of a particular country or a city and to increase its popularity worldwide. Furthermore VIZERRA 3D models assist to advertise places of interest and tourist routes, attract tourists and to present such global projects as the Olympics, world or national sport championships etc. in the best way.



  • Exact 3D copies of territories and objects
  • Examinations of every project detail from various perspectives
  • Virtual tours
  • Tools for people with disabilities

Project samples


Other advantages

In comparison to widely accepted types of presentations which use 3D visualisation techniques (videos or static 3D images) an interactive three-dimensional VIZERRA model provides users with an extended capability list:

  • to examine a territory and objects from various perspectives setting required view angles
  • to display the entire project and to navigate through it on the screen instead of matching in  mind several perspectives of it
  • to evaluate an exterior and interior in detail
  • to receive information in an intuitively comprehensible and convenient way
  • to collaborate on project in real-time
  • to get a feeling of being inside the project

What can be represented in an interactive 3D mode?
Nearly everything: cities and towns, districts and boroughs, organizational structures and facilities, monuments, exteriors and interiors, museums expositions and exhibitions' maps, historical and scientific processes, tenders, emergency situations, training simulators and much more.